Friday, September 10, 2010

I found a long lost friend :-)

It is hari raya's eve... want to make my posting simple.. my feet are killing me and I lost a tooth as well (long story)... Anyway, whole month of fasting brought only 1 kg weight loss, so my excess weight isn't helping me handling the usual long hari raya's eve routine. But managed to get the cooking done, yes, regular guy does cook.. and not a bad one, so maybe during the long break, will post some of those well guarded recipes, like anyone cares :-) Anyway, so here I am at 2am with aching feet typing away...
Must say my thank you first.. I am thankful that I have been blessed this year and despite the advancing age (it is just a number.. well whoever is saying that, he or she is on steroid, coz I am feeling it), I managed fasting duty quite well. So, will be celebrating a quiet Eid (hari raya) with my small family.
But I am extra thankful that I got re-acquainted with a long lost friend. I have always regarded him as another sibling of mine. He used to take me back to his place and let me embrace the warmth of his family..enjoy his family get together and always make sure I had a place at the food table, and speaking of food, ohh boy, his mom could really cook.
I have always cherished those moments, and very thankful that I got to meet his beautiful family..So my dear friend Ha, thank you for coming back (we must always thank internet for that).. and god willing, will see you soon too. God bless you.. Amin..

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's in my PC?

This one I get asked about a lot. OK. What software should we have in our PC. I always say, go with the free stuffs that actually work... But where to get them? There are really good people out there who write these stuffs for free..(maybe it is free, but these people do get famous and their resume look awesome.. so it is their motivation). Go and check out the link, might just save you couple of hundred bucks and headaches (for installing software that just screw up your PC and doesn't really work)... Happy trying freeloaders :-)

Disclaimers: the suggestions below are my own personal recommendation only.. I never assess the complexity of each, use them at your own risk ya. I might do the review of each software later to explain the benefits...(during my lazy days like this one).
and p/s: the formatting is screwed on this posting... well somebody will need to re-learn that!

Software Name Where to get How much?
Desktop PC HP Compact Presario SR5555d - Intel® Core2Duo Processor E4700
- (2MB L2 Cache, 2.60GHz, 800MHz FSB)
- 250GB SATA2 Hard Disk
- 16x DVD±RW Drive
- HP w1707 17" LCD Monitor
Package with Streamyx 1M offer ~ RM1000 
(a stealer)
Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Get the original ya :-)
Anti Virus Avast Free :-)
Internet Browser Mozilla Firefox US/firefox/personal.html Free :-)
Music Player WinAmp Free :-)
Video Media player VLC Free :-)
K-Lite Codec Pack Free :-)
Media Player Classic (part of K-Lite Codec Pack) Free :-)
Photo Viewer/Editor IrfanView Free :-)
MS Paint Always available in Windows (for simple editing) Free :-)
Photoshop King of editing world USD900 :-(
ZIP Win RAR 10745708.html USD 29 :-)
Print Screen Gadwin PrintScreen Free :-) 
FileName Editor Bulk Rename Utility Free :-) 
Torrent Vuze Free :-) 
FlashGet Free :-) 
Blazing File USD5/mth (7G)
Remote desktop Ultra VNC Free :-) 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Entertainer in our house

I have been lazy and not posting anything since the coffee incidence ...well, posting this might just get me off the hook.. but this cat is just adorable (despite driving me nuts with his endless mischief around the trash bin or food table... )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My 1st official posting is about COFFEE!

Okay.. here it goes... My favorite drink long time ago was 'Sirap' ... an artificial red color rose syrup (laden with unheard of chemicals not worth researching here) that you mixed with water and sugar syrup and then topped with ice. When you were poor, it was already a luxury drink that you can enjoy during those long hot afternoons.. On a good day, i got to drink Coca-Cola instead.. hi hi.. 
Anyway, it is going to be a long story to get to how I (along with million others) love drinking coffee now. Wish I can get my hand on Starbuck's iced vanilla latte (Venti) everyday, but that can burn too much holes in the pocket... so let's revert to what a regular person with just a bit of money can do to satisfy his or her coffee need.

WHAT YOU NEED - I think the cheapest under RM100 ( below USD30) preparation will be to make French Press Coffee. If you have money, go and buy lah all those hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of equipment, but that would defeat the purpose of being just a regular, cheap drinker. So after much poking and looking around, this is probably the best set up...(for me)
- The French Press cup can be bought in most Supermarkets or most coffee chains.. cheapest so far about RM50. Some get it free when signing up for Credit cards.

- The coffee itself can be bought from most major supermarkets. I got mine usually from Tesco for RM10.. you can also get the same 220 gm at Starbuck or Coffee Bean for RM30. It is more expensive but they say it is more fresh (well I think the machine there makes it taste better.. controlled temperature/pressure and everything) . Back to the cheap and regular stuff.. Cold Storage offers ~RM20 stuff and you can get Colombian type like the one in the photo above. Anyway, Giant and Cold Storage also offer grinding service and sell coffee beans. Got Colombian type the other day for RM12 (200gm) but have not tried the beans yet. Love collecting beans :-) 200g can usually last for a month. Can't stock up since I only drink every other day.

- As for the preparation it self, 1st decide what you want to make... see the simple guide below (courtesy of Lokesh Dhakar) I usually go with Americano (Kopi O lah ni) at work and Latte (Kopi susu lah ni) at home. Both are already good enough to meet your regular coffee need.. In both preparation, it is always 3-4 spoons (~28 g) per drink (that was what the friendly Starbuck girl told us before)

- For Latte, add the 4 spoon of coffee into the French cup. Fill water to a QUARTER full. 30 sec brew is good enough (Starbuck girl tip again).  Stir and close the cup lid and after the 30 sec press down the lever, add the espresso to 200ml of fresh milk (use Dutch Lady or Farmhouse). I add thick coconut palm syrup (Gula Melaka) for better flavor. Still thinking whether to pursue Vanilla based syrup or not (maybe will blog that in some other posting once I go for it. still undecided. if somebody wants to share the high cost of Vanilla bean order, decision will be a snap). Ok DONE! Got your Homemade latte.. add ICE obviously to turn it into iced Latte.. enjoy it. Ohh, the coffee smell you leave behind will help remove those unwanted odour from your kitchen or your friends :-) Neat ehh.
- For plain Americano coffee, pour water and brown sugar to your own. Adjust sendiri lah :-)

Anyway, as you can see all my coffee preparation has added syrup or sugar.. hidden Calories right there.. but I am not a coffee purist just pardon me..
Till then...Make coffee not War

Another good link on coffee- watch this Video on Coffee!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On Board!!!

Hmm... testing... 1st posting :-) just to see how this one looks.. more to come...