Friday, September 10, 2010

I found a long lost friend :-)

It is hari raya's eve... want to make my posting simple.. my feet are killing me and I lost a tooth as well (long story)... Anyway, whole month of fasting brought only 1 kg weight loss, so my excess weight isn't helping me handling the usual long hari raya's eve routine. But managed to get the cooking done, yes, regular guy does cook.. and not a bad one, so maybe during the long break, will post some of those well guarded recipes, like anyone cares :-) Anyway, so here I am at 2am with aching feet typing away...
Must say my thank you first.. I am thankful that I have been blessed this year and despite the advancing age (it is just a number.. well whoever is saying that, he or she is on steroid, coz I am feeling it), I managed fasting duty quite well. So, will be celebrating a quiet Eid (hari raya) with my small family.
But I am extra thankful that I got re-acquainted with a long lost friend. I have always regarded him as another sibling of mine. He used to take me back to his place and let me embrace the warmth of his family..enjoy his family get together and always make sure I had a place at the food table, and speaking of food, ohh boy, his mom could really cook.
I have always cherished those moments, and very thankful that I got to meet his beautiful family..So my dear friend Ha, thank you for coming back (we must always thank internet for that).. and god willing, will see you soon too. God bless you.. Amin..

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